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Weekdays 9a - 10a

By Tom Darro

Coalition Radio

Mondays 6p - 8p

By Nancie Orticelli

Lima Charlie

Wednesdays 6p - 7p

By Robert Banas

Food For Thought

Presented by Avenue 29 Foods

Northtown News

Thursdays 6p - 7p

By Art Pappas

Real Estate for Real People

Thursdays 7p - 7:30p

By Myriad Team

The Community's Voice

Fridays 6p - 7p

By Pastor Charles Walker

Polish American Program

Saturdays 11a - 12:30p

By Andy Golebiowski

We're Talking Pets

Presented By ZuluTails

It's radio with your pet in mind! Join Pam & Gina Fusco of ZuluTails for "We're Talking Pets" every Saturday afternoon at 4 on WEBR AM 1440, FM 105.3, and streaming live at ZuluTails website: ZuluTails facebook: ZuluTails Linkedin: ZuluTails Instagram: ZuluTails TikTok:

Italian Gold Show

Sundays 10a - 12p

By Tony Occhiuto

SC Parker Show

Financial planners from S.C. Parker & Company answer listeners' questions and discuss current financial events that could impact you.

Hoops and Highlights

Keep up with all the excitement of local high school basketball on "Hoops and Highlights.” Hosted by Russell Kingsbury of the 'Buffalo Legacy Project", it's your direct connection to the world of high school basketball action. Don't miss "Hoops and Highlights" Tuesday nights at 6 on WEBR AM 1440, FM 105.3, and

Blue Suede Connection

Sundays 6p - 8p

By Dan Hawthorne & Patricia Garber

On-Air Now

Barry Lillis
Barry Lillis
5:30am - 10:30am
The Barry Go-Round!

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